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Imagined by Captain Leaf McGowan in May 2010 as a dream, the ghostly ship didn’t manifest into conceptualization until June 2010 as he was to embark across the “Great Pond” to England. He posted the concept on facebook and expected to be laughed at but was greatly supported and encouraged to have the ship set sail. Investigations into the idea, networking, and fundraising took effect immediately as a crew of over 20 committed individuals enthusiastically climbed on board. At this stage, the group is planting the seed to make the project a reality. The crew and project has a facebook group and a web site with several projects being set into motion.

Pirate Relief is a roving band of pirates, gypsies, artists, musicians, environmentalists, scientists, & relief volunteers who are striving to bring together a fleet of tall sailing ships to sail the seven seas to ports around the world – sharing art, music, drama, theater, folklore, performance, storytelling, history, & culture to those they encounter. They are setting out to share the wealth of the Living Myth. When able to assist in coastal disaster areas – they plan to set into port to uplift the spirits of those who had their lives affected – bringing back hope to the hopeless, guidance to the lost, and insight to the inquisitive … sharing whatever resources they have on board or the crew has to offer – whether uplift of spirit through entertainment, stories of hope, supplies, medical aid, arts, education, inspiration, or a helping hand. They are also working on environmental projects to assist in ecological tragedy by approaching areas affected such as the Gulf oil spill, the Pacific Trash Island, and how to address pollution issues with our waterways. They are targeting our concerns by embracing ecological and sustainability ideas for a new approach to living, caring for the environment, mobility, and keeping culture, arts, & sciences alive. “Through Storytelling and the Arts – The Living Myth shall live on! “ Their PDF Brochure can be downloaded Here.

2015: Summer – We’ve set off on an expedition and have landed within the Inland Empire of California. Working on Archaeological Excavations and gearing up for Pirate Festivals … get ready for an exciting Summer! Winter/Spring – Back from Ireland, we’ve recovered treasures and gifts for your Pirate appetite! Including exotic herbs and spices that have been added to the collection. We’re in the heart of planning out festival season and our expeditions now, as well as activities and networking for upcoming events. We are gearing up to Spring and Summer tours around America.

2014 has shown a lot of evolution for the nomadic journey as we embedded our office within “The Leaf and Dragon in historic Ashland, Oregon. We have vended the Spring Faerie Festival in Washington, Faeriecon in Seattle, the Faerie Human Relations Congress in Twisp Washington, and later this summer Faerieworlds in Eugene, Oregon and Sacred Alchemy in Bellingham, Washington. It has become a very exciting year.

2013 has been an adventurous year as we traveled completely around the USA hitting Elf Fest, New York Faerie Festival, Starwood, and Faerieworlds. We relocated to Blodgett, Oregon for nearly a year to be closer to the coast as the home of our Pacific Northwest headquarters and investigated opening a shop on the Oregon Coast. Cheaper sales are now enacted as we no longer have sales tax. Look forward to upcoming events, workshops, classes, and tours coming this way! After research along the coast, we found the climate and tourism to be very seasonal and not effective for our mission at this time. We set up shop instead in downtown Historic Ashland Oregon in the heart of Shakespeare country.

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