Gloves, Arm – 1 pair: Blue skull and crossbones on black fashion arm gloves

USS15.00 (USS) per unit

Gloves, arm: 1 Pair – Blue Skull and Bones on Black Fashion Arm Gloves

1 Pair Blue Skull and bones on black fashion arm gloves. Trendy Fingerless Style Hand Glove. One size fits most. 100% woven polyester. Hanger included. One pair = two gloves.

  • arm gloves
  • skull and crossbones gloves
  • pirate gloves
  • fingerless black gloves
  • blue skulls

UPC: 812546014584
Glove/package weight: approx. 2.3 oz. Flattened glove package measures approx. 14″ length x 3.5″.


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