Lime Essential Oil: .5 fl oz – Aura Cacia 100% Pure

USS6.00 (USS) per unit


Aura Cacia Essential Oil: LIME, .5 fl oz.

Citrus x aurantifolia from Mexico, U.S.A., West Indies

Description: 100% Pure Essential Oil by Aura Cacia. “Lime Essential Oil” – 1/2 fl. oz. from Mexico, USA, or West Indies. Product Dimensions: approx. 3 x 1 x 1 inches ; approx. 1.7 ounces – jar, lid, and oil. Shipping weight: approx. 7 ounces.

Aroma: Tungy, Typical Lime

Aspects / Astrology / Powers / Folklore: Masculine; Planet: Sun; Element: Fire; Powers: Healing, Love, Protection. With the actual fruit – take a fresh lime and pierce it with old iron nails, spikes, pins and needles – toss into a deep hole in the ground to rid self of all ills, hexes, and curses. Wear a necklace of limes to cure a sore throat. Add the peel or essential oil in love mixtures and incenses. Drive a nail into the trunk of a time tree to cure a toothache (thank the tree and ask permission). Twigs of the tree protect against the evil eye when carried.

Cautions: If Pregnant, injured or ill with any medical condition or if taking other medications, consult a doctor or adviser before use. Dilute properly, may irritate skin. This product is not for internal use. Keep out of reach from children.

Indications: Freshening

Ingredients: Citrus x aurantifolia (lime) oil.

Suggested Uses: Awaken the senses: 5 drops lime in a room humidifier or aromatherapy vaporizer. Cheering diffusion: 7 drops lime, 3 drops neroli in a lamp ring diffuser.

ASIN: B001895GPQ

UPC: 051381911263

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