Mistletoe, European: c/s – 1 oz bag

USS3.00 (USS) per unit

Botanical Name: Viscum album L.
Safety Info: For external use only.
Origin: Eastern Europe
Kosher: Kosher
Frontier Herb Cooperative
1 oz plastic bag, cut/sifted.
Excellent for Incense Blends
Dried Herb
Product Description: Mistletoe is an evergreen parasitic plant. It grows on the branches of host deciduous trees and forms clusters or “bushes” from 20 to 60 inches (50-150 cm) in diameter, drawing all its nourishment from the tree on which it grows. Small flowers mature in to sticky, greenish- or yellowish-white berries that remain on the plant throughout the winter. Kissing under the mistletoe is a holiday tradition that began with the Greek festival of Saturnalia, celebrated in late December. The Druids believed that mistletoe protected its possessors from all misfortunes, and used it as an aphrodisiac, an antidote for poison, and to bestow long life and fertility. One strain of Christian myth teaches that the mistletoe was once the tree that was used for the lumber to make the cross; the plant shriveled in shame and became a parasite. Mistletoe has been long used for protection against lightning, disease, misfortune of every kind , fires and so on. Mistletoe is placed in cradles to prevent children from being stolen by fairies. It has also been used in spells to capture immortality, to open locks and to bring good luck. When laid near the bedroom door, it gives restful sleep and can help induce good dreams when placed by a headboard or beneath a pillow. Burned, mistletoe banishes evil, they say it can be worn around the neck to obtain invisibility. Mistletoe is an all-purpose herb! Keywords: Protection, Love, Hunting, Fertility, Health, Exorcism.

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