Wormwood, C/S 1 oz herb bag

USS3.00 (USS) per unit

Wormwood, C/S 1 oz herb bag
Wormwood, C/S 1 oz herb bag. 1 oz bag
Excellent for Incense and herbal applications. From Frontier Herb Coop. Also Known As – Artemisia absinthus, Absinthe, Absinthe Wormwood, and Old WomanÍs Weed Wormwood contains constituents that may be toxic if ingested in large amounts and for extended periods of time. Not to be used while pregnant. Wormwood is burned in incenses designed to aid in developing psychic powers, and is also worn for this purpose. It is said that carried, it also protects against bewitchment. Also according to legend, it counteracts the effects of poisoning by hemlock and toadstools, but this is not scientific. Hung in a car it protects the vehicle from accidents or in treacherous roads. It can also be used in love Infusions, and be placed in a bed to draw to your loved one to you. It can also be burned to summon spirits – it is said that spirits of the dead will rise and speak when wormwood is burned. Keywords: Psychic powers, Protection, Love, Calling Spirits. Commonly found in herbal texts and other documentation as Artemisia absinthium, or more commonly as absinthe wormwood, Wormwood is native to temperate Eurasia and Africa. In these locals it has seen a long history of use in keeping away pests and insect larvae, and has been used indoors as a repellant for fleas and moths. More famously, it has also been used in flavoring the notorious liquor called Absinthe, as well some other well known liquor such as bitters, vermouth and other, less well known wine and spirits. In the mid ages it was used to spice mead, and gets its name from this time as it was used in a common medieval cure for intestinal worms.

Today many herbalists know it as an aid for treating gastric pain and indigestion. It has also seen use as an antiseptic or in the treatment of fevers, where it is said to help reduce them. Some have even used it in teas for aiding with the labor pains of pregnant women. The oil of wormwood has also been used to improve circulation, and has long been prescribed by some herbalists as a general treatment for the ailments of the circulatory system.

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